Soul Care Series: How to Journal for Self-Discovery and Self-Care

Soul Care Series: How to Journal for Self-Discovery and Self-Care

Before I started going to therapy and even way before I became a Mental Health Therapist, journaling was my go-to. Journaling is helpful to process and document my thoughts and feelings clearly. For as long as I can remember I’ve had some type of diary.

And although I’m a huge advocate for journaling, I hear and read time and time again how difficult it is for some to get into.

How about you? Have you ever wanted to get into journaling, self-discovery or self-care but found it hard to get started?

Well this guided journal “Living My Daydreams” by Trish Outen Smith (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker) is one you got to check out.

It is 31 days worth of Inspirational quotes, scripture, prompts and practical tips on how to go deeper into self-discovery and tap into self-care minus the guilt and confusion.

Click the video below to check out my review and get a walk-thru of this guided journal.


You can follow Trish on Instagram and Facebook @keepstrikingtherapysolutions

To purchase the journal Visit Amazon – “Living My Daydreams” by Trish Outen Smith, LCSW


Desiraé Ofori

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